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DSC_4754.jpg Why I love Oliver Animal Hospital:

My dog Dutch and I have been clients/patients of Dr. Oliver's for 10 years. I cannot say enough positive things about OAH and the staff. They always go above and beyond to make sure you feel comfortable and understand your pet and their needs. Dutch is fairly famous in Austin as he spends a lot of time at Dr. Oliver's office (and other speciality vets offices as well)…not always because something is wrong but also just because he has endeared himself to them and they to him. There is no question everybody at OAH is willing to go the extra mile when and if necessary. The thing that I believe separates Dr. Oliver and her staff and OAH is the care and attention they give their clients. Recently Dutch had to undergo MAJOR surgery and even though Dr. Oliver was on maternity leave she still went out of her way to check on Dutch and to help in his recovery and before that in the decision making process about having the surgery to begin with.

I love my dog…he is like my child and of course I treat him as such. He was a surprise gift and has been a great companion! He traveled with me almost everywhere I went until recently.

I trust OAH's staff implicitly and would recommend them to anybody who cares about getting optimal care in an incredible environment.

Laura Longoria

My Name is Buddy. I am a sweet and healthy 10 year old tabby. I now live a healthy and happy life thanks to Oliver Animal Hospital. I had  been sick all of my life.

So sick, in fact, I could never survive neutering so every vet I went to declined me for surgery. I suffered 7 years with severe sneezing, nasal discharge, and I was so congested I had to breath through my nose. Eventually I could not eat or swallow well. I got down to 4 lbs.

I was referred to Oliver Animal Hospital and they started immediate nursing care with me. I was so fragile and frail that I could not eat but I had a will to live like no other cat around!

Dr. Oliver had a hunch there was something in the back of my nose and sinus cavity and suspected it had been growing for years. She and her team worked diligently to get me as healthy as possible with supportive syringe feedings, antibiotics, and  intravenous fluids. Once I was stable she referred me to Dr. Locke, an internal medicine specialist to have my nose scoped. Viola' ! A large non cancerous polyp the size of a half dollar (OAH joking calls it my jumbo shrimp polyp) was removed!

I could breath again for the first time in 7 years. I went on to gain over 10 lbs, had my neuter, and now live happily at home with my many other siblings. Thank goodness my owner believed in my will to live and did not give up on me. He is a hero for that!

Thank you Oliver Animal Hospital for taking the time to diagnose me correctly and  allowing me to live a happy and healthy life!


Oliver Animal Hospital is by far the best Veterinary care in Austin and surroundings. In my lifetime of owning and training dogs, I have never come across such a high caliber team of dedicated, knowledgeable, caring and experienced Drs and Staff as I have at Oliver Animal Hospital. They work at above and beyond status everyday, and care about your pet as if it were their own.

Catherine O'Donnell, CPDT Owner/Director of Training The Ranch for Canine Training and Behavior

  • "If I had children, I'd take them to this vet."
    J. Gaskins
  • "Dr Oliver and the staff of Oliver animal hospital have fixed nearly a dozen cats for me (seriously, nearly a dozen)! they saved my sanity by helping me control the herd at my house. I highly recommend them."
    Tony Hallonquist
  • "I used to drive 6 hours each way just for Dr Oliver to see my babies! I trust her with their lives!!"
    Liz Baker
  • "Best care in Austin!"
    K. Burns
  • "We are very happy with the professionalism & quality of service that we receive at OAH. The staff is always compassionate, caring, and courteous. Rascal loves to come visit his friends at Oliver! IF anyone is looking for an animal hospital I am always happy & eager to recommend Oliver Animal Hospital"
    M. Brown
  • "In our 43 years of pet owning (or, being owned by them), we have never had better veterinary care- thank you so much for you professionalism & compassion."
    S. Klusmann